John Ward, historian, archaeologist, explorer, adventurer, author, professional dowser, radio host, father and British citizen residing in Luxor, Egypt, has published, presented, lectured and given workshops focusing on his various researches.

He has conducted innumerable investigations pertaining to ancient Egyptian architecture, symbolism, and research into the mysteries surrounding medieval Templarism, the esoteric, hermeticism, alchemetical teachings, and ancient symbolism. He has focused on the various pseudo religious/spiritual groups, secret societies, families, monarchies, and other such like notable institutions, that have governed, and regulated mankind throughout history.

With his partner, Dr. Maria Nilsson, John has tracked the use of particular symbols through the various dynasties and the geography of ancient Egypt to present day, with particular focus on his home town of Hereford on the Welsh Borders, the subject of which will be one of his forthcoming new titles, All Roads Lead to Hereford.

Ward and Nilsson are currently surveying Egypt’s largest ancient sandstone quarries of Gebel el Silsila, south of Luxor on the Nile, officially cataloging the vast epigraphic material that has been left by man over thousands of years. John is the Assistant Mission Director responsible for the topographical documentation of the ancient quarries. Maria and John are founding trustees for the Friends of Silsila, a charitable organization whose mission is to continue to support and fund archaeological expeditions to Silsila, enabling further conservation work to take place, securing the future of this unique ancient site.

Having co-authored The Exodus Reality with Scotty Roberts, John is currently working on another title with Scotty, The Lost Armies of Cambyses, as well as a factual account of his own two-decades-worth of experiences revolving around his research into ancient symbolism and its integration and assimilation into our own current society, The Hidden Hand.

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