Randall Carlson is a third generation professional builder. His interest in architecture and building led to an in depth study of the methods, symbolism, sacred geometry and science incorporated in sacred structures through the ages.

He has been an active Freemason since 1978, rising to become Master of one of the oldest and largest Lodges in Georgia.

Randall strives to bridge the gap between archaic systems of knowledge and modern science, having studied with a variety of teachers including Himalayan Swamis, Brahmin priests, Sufi Masters, occultists, Earth scientists, historians, astronomers, archaeologists, geometricians, architects and many others. His work is a synthesis of these traditions, teaching for over 35 years.

Randall has organized numerous classes in math, science and sacred geometry for home schooled students. For this, he was recognized by the National Science Teachers Association for his contributions to science education for young people. He was awarded outstanding Geology student of the year award at Dekalb College, and was recognized for outstanding academic achievement in Astronomy and History.

For two decades, Randall has led several dozens of expeditions documenting evidence for the great cycle of Earth changes as transmitted to modern times though the ancient model of the Great Year. His lectures and multi-media presentations are a synthesis of knowledge from the frontiers of scientific research and esoteric wisdom.

Randall’s¬†current focus is on translating the cosmic story writ, preserved through numerous sacred traditions from around the world in the form of symbolism and mythology.

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    Hello, I check your blogs regularly. Your story-telling style is awesome, and your facts spot on. Keep up the good work!

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