Sarah Soderlund is a Forensic Psychology student and a doctinal candidate in Forensic and Clinical Psychology with focus in neuro-linguistics, para-research and hypnotherapy. She is a gifted psychic medium, a researcher with The Parapsychological Association, licensed hypnotherapisr, holistic practitioner, and paranormal researcher who enjoys travel and exploring the unknown.

Between books, lectures, investigations and grant research in the paranormal field, Sarah’s goal is to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Sarah, now coined “Paranormal Sarah,” is a born gypsy and has talents in psychometry, palm reading, energy reading, healing and other spiritual guiding techniques.

When she is not doing investigations across America or doing lectures around the nation, Sarah is proudly joining some of the fields best researchers while investigating at some of the world’s most haunted locations. Her pride is helping clients, educating the world around us on the paranormal and using her education to validate parapsychology as a true science.

Sarah hosts her own radio program, Mysteries of the Mind, on the IPBN Alternative Talk Radio Network. She is published in magazines such as TAPS Paramagazine, UnExplained, features on a weekly webisode with ParaManiaRadio, and is working on grants within the paranormal during her spare time.

She is currently authoring three paranormal books as well as a computer program for investigators. She also highlights her study with a passion in photography in which she has used to capture some of the greatest names in the paranormal.

Sarah’s new book, Haunted by the Abyss, is a first-hand account of some of Sarah’s most terrifying paranormal occurrences, released October 8th 2015. Quantum Parapsychology, hits the shelves in Spring of 2016.

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