SEPTEMBER 14, 2015 – PS2015 postponed until spring 2016

Greetings to you, all our Ticket Holders to the Paradigm Symposium 2015!

We are passing some very important information on to you in this message, so please read this update in its entirety, very carefully.

We are writing to let you all know that The Paradigm Symposium 2015, scheduled for October 1-4, 2015 at the Crown Plaza, Mall of America in Minneapolis, has undergone some major changes that have required us to move the event to a new date.

Of utter necessity – which we will detail further – we are moving the Paradigm Symposium to a date in May or June of 2016. We will be announcing the precise dates and venue location within the next two weeks, once we have secured our new contracts.

We ask that you please hang onto your tickets, as they will ALL be honored. Each of our speakers have agreed to be at the Symposium on the new date, and there may even be a few surprise additions to come. Apart from this, however, the roster of presenters has not changed; only the date and location.


2015 began with promise for the Paradigm Symposium; however, we have experienced numerous setbacks throughout the year, while still operating under full confidence that the Symposium would successfully come off as planned. It was only in the last week that we reached the final decision that moving the date and location had now become a necessity.

Over the last few months, we have experienced setbacks and budget cuts from nearly all of our sources sponsorship, along with having experienced issues coordinating our needs with the hotel venue. Again, it was while moving forward within these last weeks that it became clear that the Symposium would need to be rescheduled.

On Thursday of last week, that final decision to reorganize and move things to a future date became finalized. We felt it much more prudent and wise to make this necessary change.

This means that you are holding tickets – whether physically or in email form – that will be honored in full at the rescheduled Paradigm Symposium, which will, again, be announced for a May/June date in the coming weeks.

Some of you may have made travel arrangements already; we recommend that you take immediate action, if possible, to speak with your airline about flight cancellation and refunds, or the possibility of moving or transferring those flights to a future date, pending our announcement in the coming weeks.

For those of you who have made your hotel reservations at the Crown Plaza in Minneapolis, the hotel has informed us that you have until September 29th to cancel your reservations without charge or fee.

WE REALIZE that this may cause some inconvenience for some of you, but do consider that the new date will allow each of you no less than eight months to rearrange your schedules; we hope you will still join us at the event.

The goodness that is the Paradigm Symposium, all the wonders of the information we disseminate, all the fun and enjoyment of “hanging with family”, will still be there for you all… only a little later than we had originally planned.

While many of us firmly believe that there are “spiritual elements” at play in the universe that affect our daily lives, this has been an opportunity for us, here, to experience the “rubber meeting the road” as it relates to what we say we believe.

Sometimes, the “Universe” orchestrates to deliver a message. And all we have been experiencing over the last several months has indicated to us, the staff behind the Symposium, that this announcement has been the absolute right decision.
Things remain what they are, and we will continue to seize the day and move forward confidently in the belief that this is the absolute right decision. And we earnestly and sincerely trust that you will all join us in the future, once the event can be properly realized in just a few short months. It is our belief that this will not only be right, but that it will foster an ability to deliver what attendees have come to expect of us in terms of the standards of excellence the Paradigm Symposium offers.


As always, we are ever available for your questions and input as we move forward to the May/June date. We live and breathe the Paradigm Symposium, and all the other things we do associated with it. This is our passion.

To conclude, we will reiterate that the Paradigm Symposium 2015, originally slated for October 1-4 of 2015, is being rescheduled for a May/June 2016 date. Your tickets will be honored, and we want you all to be here and celebrate with us!

As a final note, our plans for the future look very bright. Not only will we be holding this year’s event within the next eight months, but we will also be holding the first-ever International Paradigm Symposium in London, England later in 2016. We cannot reveal all the details of this, quite yet, but suffice it to say that 2016 is looking to be an incredible year with many opportunities for us all!

We look forward to seeing you all here in Minneapolis for the Paradigm Symposium in eight months!!


Scotty Roberts and John Ward




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