dahabiyahWe are adventurers and explorers; dreamers and visionaries; writers and researchers; business people and entrepreneurs, and we’d like to present you with a wonderful opportunity to help us continue to build a very worthwhile, intellectual property that is ever exciting, ever expanding and ever gaining reputation and a wonderful following.

While one could see what we do as falling squarely into the entertainment category – and that would be accurate to some extent – we have always seen what we do as an eclectic foray into the mysterious questions of science, history and metaphysics, all while making connections and bridging the gap to the academic world.

Read on and do consider joining us as we BRIDGE THE GAP


V  I  S  I  O  N

Our company, Intrepid-Paradigm, exists to inspire, advance and promote the convergence of mainstream and alternative thinking in the fields of science, history, archaeology, alternative trains of thought, historical and world mysteries, ufology and metaphysics.

We launched these efforts with high ideals and a lofty goal of doing something worthwhile and lasting, and for five years, now, we have been operating as artists, writers, radio hosts and archaeologists, from our garages, home offices, Nile River boats and cafés, working diligently to create something amazing. And our efforts are being felt the world over.
V  I  S  I  O  N  A  R  I  E  S

With Scotty Roberts  and John Ward  at the helm, along with Micah Hanks, Rocci Stucci and Raini Roberts, Intrepid-Paradigm represents the combined endeavors of Intrepid Magazine  & Intrepid Radio , IPBNfm Alternative Talk Radio Network , the Paradigm Symposiums  and Exodus Reality Adventures  (a.k.a. History Trippers ).


G  O  A  L  S

All of our efforts – the magazine, radio programs, symposiums and adventure company – will soon be combined under our new association umbrella, Intrepid Paradigm International, a membership driven endeavor that exists to Bridge the Gap between academic thinking and alternative studies, through research, communication, coordination, and education.








O  U  R    S  T  O  R  Y

We are an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY more than we are a piece of real estate or a fondle-able widget.

INTREPID-PARADIGM also defines us as individuals, encompassing our passions, our efforts, our work, our families – everything we are is poured into these efforts every day. But it all started somewhere… 

After having worked as editor-in-chief for TAPS ParaMagazine – owned by SyFy television’s “Ghost Hunters” –  Scotty Roberts founded Intrepid Magazine  in December of 2010. The effort began as an online magazine, eclectically focused on science, history unknown phenomena, paranormal activity, UFOs and metaphysics. The mag swiftly garnered attention and subscribers, and evolved into an e-zine with a downloadable PDF and online accessibility, and, now a print-on-demand version made available as a separate purchase to the online subscription.  Our goal is to be publishing a print-and-paper magazine by 2016.

































Author, radio host and futurist, Micah Hanks, came on board the magazine as editor-in-chief, working dligently to achieve the very best in alternative and academic articles and information.

He was co-founder, with Scotty, of the Paradigm Symposium. He has been and always shall be a dear friend and valuable asset to all of our endeavors.


JohnJohn Ward, British archaeologist, historian and researcher, joined the effort as editor-in-chief of the magazine, following Micah, and is now partnered in the ongoing effort with Scotty.  The two forged a deep friendship and became a writing duo, authoring “The Exodus Reality,” an historical romp through ancient Egypt, presenting their two differing theories on the historical Moses and archaeological evidence of the Great Exodus.

John and his wife, Dr. Maria Nilsson, have the archaeological site of Gebel el Silsila , the ancient sandstone quarries south of Luxor, Egypt on the River Nile.




The Intrepid Radio Program  was founded in July of 2013 by Scotty and John, becoming the Intrepid Magazine of the airwaves. Over the two years since its inception, the program has grown to an approximate 8000 live listeners, broadcasting faithfully every Sunday night from 9-11pm, central standard time.



Partnering with Rocci Stucci in late 2014, the effort expanded into more than just The Intrepid Radio Program, and the IPBN Alternative Talk Radio Network  was born. Now hosting 16 weekly programs, IPBN is experiencing an ever growing cast of hosts and an exponentially expanding audience of listeners.



The Paradigm Symposium  is our annual event launched in 2012 as the public presence of Intrepid Magazine. The Paradigm Symposiums were founded and exist to present you, year after year, with the very best thinkers in their fields, from ancient cosmology to ancient aliens, archaeology to esoterics, alternative history to the sciences that illuminate our understanding of who we are and why we’re here.



The Paradigm Symposiums have drawn international speakers and audiences, and was heralded by Phillip Coppens when he wrote: “Paradigm Symposium has quickly become the #1 alternative conference in the United States, if not the World.”

Erich von Daniken, iconic author of “Chariots of the Gods?” also said, “I was a speaking guest at the Paradigm Symposium 2012 in Minneapolis. It was one of the most perfect events I ever attended. Everything was well and great. The speakers, the audience, the location and, of course, the organisation. It was a pleasure to be part of it.”













Exodus Reality Adventures

On the heels of their book, “The Exodus Reality,” Scotty and John launched Exodus Reality Adventures , a travel and adventure company, taking people to Egypt to retrace their research expedition and beyond.

While political tensions in the region delayed have curtailed the Egyptian expeditions in 2015, we are planning to launch new trips in 2016 to Egypt and Great Britain.












































One other project we must mention is History Trippers. With the writing of “The Exodus Reality,” and all the ongoing efforts mentioned above, Scotty and John were approached by television producers and asked what their interest might be in creating a television series focusing on their research and travels. As a result, History Trippers was born, and is now in front of major television networks for consideration.

With the launch of the television series, and the subsequent branding, Intrepid-Paradigm will be exponentially targeted for growth.

You can view the trailer we produced for the series, with Mitchel Jones and Nikki Kreux-Jones of TCA Media, here…

* * * * * * * *
And that brings us to the present.